why not?
Meg. 21. media art student. . size 12-14 (boobs, smaller waist and big butt, you know the drill) I am comfortable with who I am. Which doesn't mean that I can't fight and try to improve myself. Parallel it doesn't mean that I should feel like a grey mouse and wear t-shirts and sweat pants only because in the eyes of people I am ugly and fat. Fat doesn't mean that you must feel miserable. Confidence is for everyone.

Set 18:

shirt: C&A
skirt: C&A
belt: H&M
shoes: ebay

I can’t stop wearing that belt. Never thought I would get so obsessed with edginess of leopard print. Looking around for shoes now. What happened to me?

Anyway I’m in love-hate relationship with this shirt. I love the collar but it is sewn abysmally. I bought it two months ago, it’s one size too big for me and it still doesn’t fit properly, probably because of the buttonholes being in the wrong places. Somehow C&A managed to create a product that being too big looks too small. Bravo! ;/ But still I love the collar, I love the fabric, so it’s worth constant adjusting and changing the posture to make it look better.

Also the skirt. I enjoy trying to break through the official looking cut and trying to make it wearable on daily basis. Not exactly as pencil-shaped as I would wanted, I’m still searching for the perfect pencil skirt, they are impossible to come across in my little town, time to hit the retro online stores. However I like how fitted it is and that you actually can walk in it. :D

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    Hey lady, get back to tumblin. I’m into your outfits… and yeah, you’re kind of really attractive.
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