why not?
Meg. 21. media art student. . size 12-14 (boobs, smaller waist and big butt, you know the drill) I am comfortable with who I am. Which doesn't mean that I can't fight and try to improve myself. Parallel it doesn't mean that I should feel like a grey mouse and wear t-shirts and sweat pants only because in the eyes of people I am ugly and fat. Fat doesn't mean that you must feel miserable. Confidence is for everyone.

a little break

I’m really sorry that I haven’t been so active recently, but my Uni finally caught me and is forcing me to work. Since I’m defending my thesis next month and I haven’t even started to create it, this blog will be probably dead for another couple of weeks. 

But as soon as I will finish school I will be back.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. 



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rightorwrong asked: "Your body looks great! How have you lost the weight? You're still just as beautiful as you were before. Love your style, too!"

thank you so much. to be honest i really didn’t do anything special  I’ve just completely changed my lifestyle, turned vegan and removed fats and sugar from my food. but it’s more about preference since i don’t like sweet/heavy food anyway

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set 21:

dress: H&M

necklace: remade my mother’s old belt. 

Spring has finally crawled her way through. So that is the last one of the indoor shoot, time to go out, get some sun and happiness.

But before that the last cold tones/winter outfit. Which happens to be my ultimate date/meeting stylisation, it’s elegant but not overbearing, shows off legs, but it’s not tacky. And that’s one of the most comfortable dresses that I own. 

Also my roots are starting to show, not sure but I’m craving to bleach my hair more, to that unsaturated blond/grey tone. 

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Set 20:

dress: H&M

bracelet: local indian shop

Since I’ve lost my cozy white wall that was serving as my background in all the previous posts I’m still trying to figure out new look for the post. It’s slowly getting warmer so probably I will try to go out into the city

About the look. I love pushing myself to the limits, right now I’m still in love-hate relationship with that dress, mostly because of the bold pattern. I always thought that peplum dresses are not ment for women with my figure, that the fold will unbalance the figure and enhance my hips but actually peplum compliment hourglass figure very well and doesn’t add volume at all. Hence the love. Hate is still with the fabric and the fact that it is hard to accesorize that kind of print. It screams so much for me that it doesn’t really need anything else than some counterweight, something relatively shiny to lift it up. 

Anyway I’m still in love with pieces that you can find in normal chain labels. Within student budget and you can still find pretty awesome stuff.. 

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Set: 19

dress: seconhand in Enschede

jacket: H&M

handbag: Bershka

shoes: Quazi

necklace: C&A

the last post from the ‘white wall in the Netherlands’
For me it’s the perfect outfit for meeting with a client. Sensible, but still on the edge of feeling confident. Sometimes you just have to sell out your ‘qualities’, especially when you are working as a freelancer photographer/filmmaker. And I’m so in love with cappucino colours. Also Bershka studded bag is just oh my god. Versatile. And the fact that the studs are not exactly silver is making it much more wearable with everything, even gold. 

Few infos. I’ve moved back to Poland two weeks ago., I’m so sorry with another delay with posting but the previous couple of days has been crazy. Couple of new things and changes are coming up so stay alert and have a lovely evening. :)

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Anonymous asked: "Finally! A European fatshion blogger, although I must say, you're cheating a bit, since you've lost tonnes of weight! And you're near my area/ my size :') I am definitely going on a shopping tour in Enschede some time soon! :D"

As I always said, my weight loss was not intentional, it was an outcome of becoming a vegan and removing fats from my diet. Not because I wanted to get slimmer but because of changing my lifestyle. Nevertheless good luck with an Enschede shopping spree, though I recommend Utrecht more.

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full interview for Storyboard

Hello my dear gorgeous beings.

Some time ago I participated in an interview for tumblr’s Storyboard. Since the whole amazing article came out really selective, I want to post the whole thing. It might clear out some things. And as usual ask me anything you want, I love to talk to you, Q&A sessions are always welcomed, I’m here as much for you, as I am for myself. :)


First, I just need some basics. Can you give me your name, age and location? 

Well my full name is Malgorzata Maria Pronko, but I use Meg, since it is easier for people. I’m 21 and right now I live in the Netherlands, but originally I’m from Poland (hence the weird name).


What started you blogging? 

I think I have started blogging around October. I went over a breakdown during the summer and as any normal female decided to make myself feel better by going on shopping sprees and ended up with several dresses. I got very encouraging feedback about my clothing from my friends and decided that maybe I could share it and tumblr seemed like a safe and understanding place to start. Apart from that I always hated to dress casually and the whole notion that since you are fat you are condemned to wear unattractive clothing, just because, in the eyes of society, you are different. I also treated blogging as a from of therapy, because when you take pictures of yourself you are able to get at ease with your body and accept it as well as get comfortable with it. At least for me it works like that. 


You’re so young—how did you develop such confidence!? Do you have tips for other young women who may be feeling down on themselves about their weight?

As for confidence I really don’t know. I never cared about how I look but I was very lucky, because I ended up with only minor bullying when I was a teenager. I have a circle of amazing and supportive friends who never made me feel different, so that is probably one of the causes. I value what I have in my head and refuse to be brought down by people who can’t see past the first impression. Ignoring stupidity and bullying seems difficult but in the end it is very easy. So what if somebody shouts obscenities at me or looks at me weirdly at the street? I will never see them again, and my time is too precious to waste it on situations like that. And the most important thing is that people notice how you behave and react to it. If you hold your head high, you will be respected no matter how you look. As for advice, I think it is important to accept our bodies and looking at them, observing, even if it is at first disappointing,  helps. We can’t escape reality and for our own sake we need to learn how to love and accept ourselves.


Do you have any favorite shopping sources? 

I am unhealthy addicted to ebay. ;) It’s an amazing source to look for inspirations and or just to browse looking for occasions. Takes patience but sometimes it is possible to find real treasures. For other things I am constantly on asos, because it’s convenient and also inspiring and I just like going to the city center to look around shops.


Have you had much negative feedback from the fat acceptance community since you started dieting

My ‘dieting’ is a very funny situation because I never considered going on a diet, I’ve just started losing weight when I moved to the Netherlands and became vegan. I did not lose weight because I felt unaccepted or pressured to have socially accepted size. It is an unexpected outcome of the complete change of my lifestyle and I’m okey with it because now I have more shopping opportunities,  I’m able to go to every shop and pick something that I really like without worrying about not fitting into it. I will never be slim and frankly I don’t plan to since I really love my curves. And gladly I’ve never received negative feedback about my weight loss directly, but sometimes I see posts that upset me. This is what really annoys me about body acceptance community. If we spread the world that size doesn’t matter, it really shouldn’t.


What are some things people shouldn’t say to someone who just lost a bunch of weight? 

Oh what people say. I’ve recently come back to Poland for Christmas and things that I hated the most were people saying: ‘Oh you look so beautiful right now.’ ‘How you have changed, it’s amazing.’ Come on. I felt like an animal on display and really I felt beautiful before and it seemed that it was always unspoken ‘but before you looked/were…’.


Why was it important to you to begin “fatshion” blogging? 

Starting ‘fatshion’ blogging seemed important  to me at fist for purely selfish reasons to gather more strength about myself, to scream ‘no’ to baggy t-shirts and sweat pants and then I got amazed by the response and feedback. I have never expected that. But now I do it mostly to show that we fatties can look interesting and confident as well. It is very important to give each other support in such unaccepting environment.


Who are some other fashion bloggers you admire—fatshion or not. Doesn’t matter. 

The list of bloggers that I admire is long but mostly I am amazed and inspired by fattyschallengeEvery time I see her posts on my dash I cannot help but smile. She radiates confidence and pure awesomeness  Apart for her there are curvygurlfashion, sizeshapeandcolour, alibuttons and of course bigfatcherrybomb.

Do you ever make your own clothing? Since you’re down quite a few sizes, have you altered your old things or are you just buying new ones? 

I can sew and back in Poland you could see me glued to sewing machine making kimonos or corsets, mostly for photography projects but some for myself as well. Right now I don’t have possibility to alter my old clothing, so I was forced to literally buy myself new wardrobe, but there are some pieces, that I will need to change because I can’t part with them.

Any shopping tips for larger girls trying to dress well? 

Tips? Probably I will repeat myself but this is my mantra. Never try to hide yourself behind too big and unflattering clothing. That kind of attire just screams that you are uncomfortable with who you are. Trying to mask curves makes it worse, there are smart ways to show them, like if you have waist: wearing belts helps. Overall fitting clothes are better than baggy ones. Wearing really high heels like stilettos when you are oversized is not exactly healthy or comfortable for a long run, but shorter, comfortable heels or platforms actually help with posture. 

Looking for clothes that emphasize your silhouette is tedious at first but researching body type or tips/inspirations helps. That what we are here for, after all.

And try anything that catches your eye, even if you think some clothes are for regular sizes only. Sometimes you can get really surprised about what suits you.

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meloromantics asked: "I love the all-black look! For the crappily sewn shirt I'd recommend wearing it unbuttoned or partially unbuttoned with a lace-edged camisole in a bright color!"

Thanks! Never thought about adding a camisole to it, will definitely check it out. Half of the time I wear the shirt halfway unbuttoned, but I just love the collar shape too much to let it go without a fight. ;)

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Set 18:

shirt: C&A
skirt: C&A
belt: H&M
shoes: ebay

I can’t stop wearing that belt. Never thought I would get so obsessed with edginess of leopard print. Looking around for shoes now. What happened to me?

Anyway I’m in love-hate relationship with this shirt. I love the collar but it is sewn abysmally. I bought it two months ago, it’s one size too big for me and it still doesn’t fit properly, probably because of the buttonholes being in the wrong places. Somehow C&A managed to create a product that being too big looks too small. Bravo! ;/ But still I love the collar, I love the fabric, so it’s worth constant adjusting and changing the posture to make it look better.

Also the skirt. I enjoy trying to break through the official looking cut and trying to make it wearable on daily basis. Not exactly as pencil-shaped as I would wanted, I’m still searching for the perfect pencil skirt, they are impossible to come across in my little town, time to hit the retro online stores. However I like how fitted it is and that you actually can walk in it. :D

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Set 17:

dress: H&M
necklace: H&M
belt: H&M
stockings: Calzedonia
garterbelt: Hunkemoller

Happy Valentines everybody. I hope your evenings are going well. :)

This whole outfit was probably my biggest wardrobe experiment ever. I usually try to dress myself mixing casuality with whatever will strike me. Then I saw that unsuspicously looking dress and noticed the see-through back. And it struck me. I want garterbelt with that, and stockings. I’ve never tried to put something cheeky/provocative before, since I prefer to express that by behavior  Going out like that was a huge step for me, I’ve felt very exposed (this is the shortest dress that I own) but awesome in a way. I’m all for crossing lines and expressing what I was feeling through clothing. Also animal print is sneaking slowly more and more into my accessories. I’m starting to love it. Adds kind of an edgy touch to everything.

What can I say more. It’s okey to express cheekiness(or any other mood) through clothing. A little wink toward stupid society norms, because you can feel ‘sexy’ in every size. It’s all about attitude and how you wear it. 

(it worked for me. huge boost in confidence and since the first time I wore this set I call it: ‘how to go out and get picked up by a lovely Welsh man before ordering your first wine :D)

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